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How CMAP Reports Local Transportation Emissions With Replica Data

How CMAP Reports Local Transportation Emissions With Replica Data

Granular trip data brings a new dimension to the Chicago area’s latest greenhouse gas inventory.
Using Mobility Data to Find the Best Business Locations
San Francisco-based Borne uses Replica data to give restaurants the insights they need to launch and expand successfully.
Leveraging Data to Quantify Travel Burdens and Reconnect Communities
Replica mobility data helps identify where new investments can connect people to opportunity, and correct the harms of past planning decisions.
How HDR Builds Winning Grant Applications With Replica Data
Unique insights on people and trips supported a compelling narrative about how a river restoration project would boost equitable access to key sites in Salina, Kansas.
Replica Launches on Google Marketplace
Now it’s easier than ever to access Replica’s nationwide data on mobility activity, land use, economic activity, and demographics data.
Fall 2021 Mobility Data: Now Available in Replica
Replica Places now has comprehensive, nationwide data from two pandemic-era seasons, plus a pre-pandemic baseline.
Identify Dangerous Road Conditions With Speeding and Pedestrian Data
Mobile trip event data from Arity and pedestrian trip volumes from Replica present a new way to approach Vision Zero and safe streets planning.

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