Our Impact

Replica’s powerful data gives agencies confidence in their ability to create more equitable and resilient places.

Public agencies and private firms across the United States use Replica to inform decision-making, optimize transportation and land use, and create places that serve everyone.

Some of our clients include:

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Working with Replica

Across the United States, planners, policy makers, engineers and others use Replica to inform decision-making and create places that serve everyone. Learn how Replica customer RideKC used our data to design more equitable infrastructure for Kansas City.


What’s Possible with Replica

    Evaluate the feasibility of large-scale transportation projects

    Transportation investments can affect millions of people across generations. They can cost — or generate — billions of dollars. They can meaningfully affect life in and around a city — so it’s important to get them right.

    Replica’s activity-based models give planners the data they need to make the right decisions and set priorities for their city, state, or region. With an unprecedented level of detail, our Places tool allows for analyzing mobility needs down to specific network links, trip purposes, and characteristics of trip-takers. Our Trends tool provides near-real-time data to assess how behaviors are changing week by week. Together they allow decisions to be made based on the world as it is today, not as it was long ago.

    Monitor the ways mobility and economic activity intersect

    Cities are about more than mobility. The movement of goods and people is inextricably linked to the health of the overall economy, and a large portion of consumer spending happens while people are on the go. With Replica Trends, customers can get near-real-time data on movements and mobility preferences, evaluate the effects on consumer spending, and get better, faster insights to support revenue forecasting and develop interventions.

    Make more informed decisions about land use and development

    Evaluating real estate projects means weighing the benefits of new developments against the costs of externalities like congestion, accessibility, and environmental impacts. Without accurate and timely data, it’s hard for communities to get a precise sense of the “before” or the “after.” With Replica Places and Trends, agencies can build a comprehensive understanding of the trips, travel choices, and consumer spending patterns across time, enabling more effective and equitable policies for their communities.

    Adjust transit service to meet changing demand

    Even in the best of times, transit agencies frequently adjust service to meet budget challenges, changing rider needs, or for maintenance and downtime. In an emergency like the Covid-19 pandemic, high-quality, trustworthy data is invaluable for making timely and responsive adjustments. Replica Places and Trends give transit agencies the tools they need to perform deep analyses of transit riders and non-riders alike, providing the most up-to-date information on how behaviors and needs are changing.

    Make more equitable planning decisions

    Replica HQ: Our Impact

    Replica’s approach to modeling gives agencies the data they need to do detailed equity analyses without compromising anyone’s privacy. Disaggregate data in Replica Places offers an unprecedented ability to study demographic and socioeconomic attributes of trip-takers across different modes and purposes of travel.

    Forecast tax revenues in near-real time

    Replica HQ

    While tax receipts can lag actual spending by weeks or months, weekly consumer spending data in Replica Trends offers detailed insights down to the census tract level. Agencies can track spending patterns that enable forecasting for revenue streams like sales taxes, gas taxes, and road tolls, and monitor these changes week over week and year over year.


    Read our case studies to see how our customers are using Replica to make stronger cities, states, and regions.


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