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Replica for the Public Sector

State and local governments trust Replica because we are a different type of data provider.

Public agencies receive comprehensive, innovative datasets for their entire jurisdiction in addition to the entire country, without limit on seats, geographies, zones, downloads, or number of projects, as well as on-demand support from our in-house experts — all for less than the price it used to cost to procure data for a single project.

Replica is trusted by cities, counties, states, MPOs, and transit agencies of all sizes around the country.

Replica in Action

SACOG Integrates VMT Data to Meet New State Planning Requirements
El Paso Examines Economic Segregation Outside the Home
RTA Chicago Monitors the Evolution of the “New Normal” for Transit Commuters

Win Federal Infrastructure Dollars for your Community

With Replica, public agencies leverage valuable data and insights to support grant funding applications. Federal grant applications almost always require information on equity and existing conditions. WIth Replica data, this insight is easily accessible.
Replica data has been used to:

Made Data Driven Decisions on the Issues that Matter to You

Making Vision Zero a Reality with Safer Streets

Go beyond crash data with mode and trip volume data that helps you distinguish between busy intersections and dangerous ones. Prioritize equity with privacy-preserving income and demographic data.

Future Proofing your City with Sound EV Infrastructure Planning

Replica’s comprehensive data shows how mobility, people, and land use interact. These insights give you the power to plan effective, efficient, and equitable EV charging networks.

Creating a more Equitable Transportation System

Replica was built to support the journey toward more equitable transportation. Our data platform not only provides information on activity-based travel, but also provides detailed sociodemographic and socioeconomic data, all in one place.

Being Responsive to the New Normal

Replica’s disaggregated data provides insight into changing demographic and mobility trends resulting from the pandemic. Agencies have used Replica data to gain near-real-time insights on economic activity, mobility, and work trips during the pandemic and continue to use this information to monitor as the new normal takes shape.

Replica supports analyses including:

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