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Mobility data is essential to the work of city planning — but cities are more than mobility. And so are we.


Replica is a data platform for the built environment.

We built the first nationwide activity-based travel model so our customers in the public and private sectors can get the most detailed look yet at the complex interconnections among people, places, transportation networks, and economies.

Our data products include high-fidelity travel demand models and near-real-time insights that cover mobility, demographics, economic activity, and land use.

We empower our customers to make more informed decisions by exploring the relationships among these categories in detail, across space and time.

Comprehensive mobility data for each trip, including: mode, purpose, origin, destination, distance, duration, times, and complete routing information. Weekly trip data by mode and purpose for each census tract, and seasonal data across all metrics down to the transit route and network link level.


Disaggregated population data covers age, race, ethnicity, income, employment status, and vehicle ownership status. Our unique, privacy-sensitive approach to modelling makes it possible to study mobility across these dimensions without being able to track or identify the movements of any individual.


Economic Activity
See how your economy is changing in near-real time with weekly and year-over-year consumer spending data across multiple categories, including: retail, grocery, gas stations, bars and restaurants, airlines and hospitality, and entertainment and recreation.

Replica HQ: Economic Activity

Land Use
Aggregate and parcel-level land use data helps you understand how zoning affects activity in the built environment, with data for residential, commercial, mixed-used, industrial, and more.

Replica: What We Do | Land Use

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