Cities are about more than mobility. Your data should be, too.

To prepare your region for the future, you need insights about how people, places, and opportunities intersect.

Replica is a data platform for the built environment.


We empower decision-makers to plan more resilient, equitable, and livable places.

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Replica HQ: Atlanta

The Replica Platform

Replica data represents people, mobility, economic activity, and land use. Our accurate and reliable data provides deep insights into the patterns of activity in your communities — and confidence in the decisions you make about them.

Our Partners

Public agencies and private firms across the United States use Replica to inform decision-making, optimize transportation and land use, and create places that serve everyone.

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Case Studies

New York MTA Plans for Essential Workers

When New York stopped 24-hour subway service for the first time in over 100 years, MTA used Replica data to design a shutdown schedule and offer alternative transit options that would least impact essential healthcare workers.

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Sacramento Implements SB 743 with VMT Data

With vehicle miles traveled (VMT) data for residents and the overall road network, Sacramento Area Council of Governments can prioritize and invest in large-scale infrastructure and development projects in compliance with California’s SB 743.

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