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Data to drive decisions about the built environment

Our Mission

To organize the world’s information about the built environment and make it accessible, valuable, and actionable.


Replica Scenario is the first software product for forecasting population and travel activities anywhere in the country. With Scenario, public agencies and their consultants can obtain high-quality, detailed data projections of future conditions based on expected changes to the population, land use, and transportation infrastructure. ‍ And Scenario is built so you can get the full value of the data you need. User-friendly web-based tools make it easy to filter and query the data from any computer or download it for use in your own preferred tools.
Replica Cities
Replica is used by cities across the country to design more livable, resilient, and equitable communities.
Safe Streets for All
Granular data on trip activity empowers novel analyses of risk and inequity.
EV Infrastructure
Leverage detailed data on trips, people, and land use to build effective EV charging networks.

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Our Values

We embrace complexity

Cities are complex, interconnected, and ever-changing. They face difficult challenges that rarely have easy answers, and often have difficult trade-offs.

We empower expertise

For experts to confidently express their judgment, they need data that is accurate, detailed, recent, multi-dimensional, privacy-preserving, and useful. We collaborate with our customers to ensure we meet these standards.

We recognize the power and limitations of good data

Data is only one part of the solution. It supports but cannot replace thoughtful public policy, community outreach, and industry expertise.

We are responsible stewards of data

We are uncompromising on privacy. We seek data of the highest quality, and we are always transparent about quality. We believe our customers are best served by our careful and responsible approach to data.

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Replica brings people together every day to tackle complex technical challenges, deliver for our customers, and have fun doing it.


How CMAP Reports Local Transportation Emissions With Replica Data
Granular trip data brings a new dimension to the Chicago area’s latest greenhouse gas inventory.
Using Mobility Data to Find the Best Business Locations
San Francisco-based Borne uses Replica data to give restaurants the insights they need to launch and expand successfully.
Leveraging Data to Quantify Travel Burdens and Reconnect Communities
Replica mobility data helps identify where new investments can connect people to opportunity, and correct the harms of past planning decisions.
How HDR Builds Winning Grant Applications With Replica Data
Unique insights on people and trips supported a compelling narrative about how a river restoration project would boost equitable access to key sites in Salina, Kansas.

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