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Data to drive decisions about the built environment

Our Mission

To organize the world’s information about the built environment and make it accessible, valuable, and actionable.

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Our Values

We embrace complexity

Cities are complex, interconnected, and ever-changing. They face difficult challenges that rarely have easy answers, and often have difficult trade-offs.

We empower expertise

For experts to confidently express their judgment, they need data that is accurate, detailed, recent, multi-dimensional, privacy-preserving, and useful. We collaborate with our customers to ensure we meet these standards.

We recognize the power and limitations of good data

Data is only one part of the solution. It supports but cannot replace thoughtful public policy, community outreach, and industry expertise.

We are responsible stewards of data

We are uncompromising on privacy. We seek data of the highest quality, and we are always transparent about quality. We believe our customers are best served by our careful and responsible approach to data.

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What Big Data Says About Rush Hour’s ‘New Normal’
It’s unlikely that things will look like they did before — and transportation policy may need to change as a result.
5 Data Analyses to Elevate Your Transportation Equity Planning
Rich, privacy-sensitive data makes it possible to explore key questions about existing inequities and who stands to benefit from new interventions.
Freight Parking Is Getting Less Efficient at Serving Manhattan's Economy
New data from Replica and Geotab ITS reveals how efficiently freight vehicles support economic activity in Manhattan’s neighborhoods.
Introducing Replica's Fully Redesigned Web App
We’ve improved mapping, filtering, and download capabilities so users can connect quickly with deep insights about activity in the built environment.

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