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Comprehensive, High-Fidelity Data.

Our approach to data starts with the knowledge that mobility doesn’t operate in a vacuum.

Replica transforms vast, disparate datasets into a holistic picture of mobility, land use, people, and economic activity — and the ways they interact.

This gives our customers unprecedented insights into a world that’s constantly changing.

An expansive set of data. As recent as last week.

Commute patterns. Bike and pedestrian traffic. Network link volumes. Online and 
in-person spending. Week-over-week retail spending. Shopping trip origins. Freight O-Ds.

This is just a sample of the valuable data available in Replica.

Replica supports analyses including:

Immediate Access, Easy to Use

Our products enable customers to:

Obtain a common operating picture

Across one organization or many, Replica customers have an accurate, shared baseline understanding of the world as it exists today.

Gain confidence in identifying next steps

Pair data with local understanding and internal expertise to build evidence for future investments, policy alternatives, or operating changes.

Forecast the effectiveness of each proposed intervention

Comprehensive insights give customers the tools they need to develop a set of expectations before making a decision.

Monitor and measure impact

Frequent data updates shorten a traditionally long and ambiguous feedback loop, accelerating customers’ ability to progress toward specific goals.

Working with Replica

Across the United States, planners, policy makers, engineers, and others use Replica to inform decision-making and create places that serve everyone. Learn how Replica customer RideKC used our data to design more equitable infrastructure for Kansas City.

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