See Texas Better with Replica

See Texas Better with Replica

Cities and transportation are about more than mobility. Your data should be, too.

If you’re investing in the future of transportation in Texas, you need technology that offers comprehensive, granular data about the connections between people, mobility, economic activity, and land use.

With Replica, public officials can see so much more than ever before. This expanded view allows transportation executives to ensure that infrastructure dollars are focused on specific, primary targets, including: reducing congestion, planning for Vision Zero, boosting economic development, and investing efficiently.

With Replica, you can discover insights about the built environment that weren’t visible until now.


Our privacy-protecting data platform can help you understand detailed characteristics of who is traveling, why they’re traveling, and how they might make that trip in another way.

Replica’s advanced modeling technology gives you access to high-fidelity, privacy-sensitive data that spans mobility, land use, economic activity, and people.

Replica helps public agencies and their private-sector partners:

  • Study travel activity down to the transit route or network-link level, across Texas and beyond.
  • Plan safer streets and manage traffic congestion.
  • Maximize investments in transit, cycling, pedestrian, and road infrastructure.
  • Evaluate the ways land use and mobility intersect.
  • Understand how people connect to jobs.
  • Forecast tax revenues with weekly consumer spending data.
  • Analyze how people and freight travel into, out of, and through jurisdictions.
  • Perform equity analyses with privacy-sensitive disaggregate data.
  • And more.

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